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My name is Jill Carroll and I love duck hunting. I started Duck Hunt Nation to share my passion and knowledge with other hunters, whether they are beginners or veteran hunters.

I love to hunt for lots of reasons:

I like to be outdoors to experience nature in all its beauty. Too many of us spend our lives cooped up in offices or behind desks in fake environments.

I like to continue the family traditions of my parents, grandparents and others who have hunted for generations. I feel honored to be part of such an enduring family and national tradition.

A successful family duck hunt in the 1970s.

I like to spend time with my hunting buddies. We may disagree on everything else in life - politics, religion, whatever - but we come together in the field through the deep bond of hunting.

I like to shoot my guns and develop my wing shooting skills, as well as the other skills that hunting requires. Duck hunting, when done right, requires commitment, patience, discipline, awareness, discretion and conscience - all good human qualities that serve us in life as well as in the duck blind.

Most of all, I like to eat the meat from animals I have killed. I prefer not to eat meat from the meat industry, where animals are shot full of hormones and other poisons and are raised and slaughtered in terrible conditions. Instead, I hunt to eat - and I don't kill anything unless I plan to eat it (or it's trying to eat me or someone else.) Wild game meat is the "original organic" meat.

I was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana and grew up hunting and fishing there and in southeastern Arkansas. I now live in a suburb of Houston, Texas. I manage a bird hunting lease near Wallis, Texas that I and 11 of my buddies enjoy every year. I also visit other parts of the U.S. to hunt and fish.

My "day job" is as a freelance scholar, writer and speaker in the area of world religion. I write for various academic journals and I write a blog for the Houston Chronicle. I travel around the world giving lectures and keynotes. I write books. I also run a world religions website.

Mostly, though, I work so that I can pay for shotgun shells and lease fees, and I work freelance so I can control my schedule to maximize my hunting, fishing and gardening time.

On a deep level, despite my ivory tower membership and fancy doctoral degree, I remain a redneck at heart.

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