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Most duck hunters have their favorite duck recipes. I certainly have mine: grilled on skewers with onions, peppers and bacon. Click here for the recipe and some pictures that show you exactly how to do it.

There are many great ways to cook ducks, however. Roasted, smoked, and fried are big favorites. Also, duck gumbo, confit, soups, sausage and crock pot recipes are very popular. I first learned to love duck from my Uncle Bob, who took fresh breast meat from ducks he'd killed that morning, dredged them in egg and flour, and fried them crispy golden to eat with biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Fine, fine eating!

The main thing is to find recipes that really work for you and your family, so that none of those gorgeous ducks we kill every year go to waste.

Certainly, we enjoy the sporting nature of hunting and shooting. We enjoy the challenge involved in calling ducks, and the thrill that comes from seeing those ducks finally cup those wings to land in the decoys. It's a fun and joyful experience, to be sure!

The point, however, is to eat what we kill - at least in my personal view. I don't kill ducks only for sport. I kill them to eat them. In fact, I get extra motivated to kill them because I know just how much I'm going to enjoy eating them and sharing that hunt at the dinner table with my family and friends.

Please share your favorite recipes for wild duck here on this site. The more the better! Eating game meat is the original way to eat organic. It's good, healthy meat! So share your favorites recipes here.

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duck in a blanket Not rated yet
You take small squares of duck they dont matter the size as long as the size throughout the squares are consitent then take the bites tenderize them and …

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